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June 17 -First Responders and Unanswerable Questions
Sound Insight
Written by Amy D'Angelo   
Tuesday, 17 June 2014 09:35
Dr. Tom Curran is joined by Firefighter Jeff Olson to share a story of responding to God's call to help someone in need, as a parable to, the call God has for those living as Catholic Christian Disciples today.

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  • 1) No Title

    Author: maria martinez

    I will always be catholic b/c it means Christian. I can't be protestant b/c actually, I am already a sinner, SO, can you imagine if I become Christian like Jeff Olson, no way. I can't abandon the truly church founded by Jesus Christ, which is the one and only church CATHOLIC. I am so proud to be catholic, lord, please, help me everyday to be a better Christian in the only church you established through the apostles to our days.

    • 2) Response to Maria Martinez's comment

      Author: V

      Hi Maria,
      I just wanted to make sure you know that Jeff Olson IS a practicing Roman Catholic. I couldn't tell from your comment if you thought he wasn't? A Catholic IS a Christian, but not all Christians are Catholic. I hope you didn't take from the interview that he is anything other than Catholic. Hope this helps clear up any confusion, if there was any. God bless you always!

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