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Novena of Thanksgiving - From the My Catholic View Blog
My Catholic View
Written by Tracey Rockwell   
Thursday, 19 November 2009 11:06
I am writing this on Wednesday night, the week before Thanksgiving. It occurs to me that I can never give enough thanks to God for all He has given me, and yet, I even with that awareness, I don’t thank Him as I should. Thus, I am embarking, along with you dear readers, on a Novena of Thanksgiving. A novena is nine successive days of prayer, usually imploring God or Jesus or Our Lady or one or more saints, for special graces. There are different categories of novena: mourning, preparation, prayer, etc. In general, there is a sense of urgency about the fervent prayer that characterizes a novena. My petition is not urgent, but my prayer is fervent: “Lord, increase my gratitude – let me grow in my sense of my utter poverty before You. Without You I can do nothing, and all the good I experience in my life is gift – a gift from You. Expand my awareness of Your movement in my life, and increase my ability to show you every day how thankful I am for Your grace and Your Goodness.”
Today I give thanks for the gift of life – my life, the lives of my spouse, my children, my parents, my siblings, my in-laws and all my extended family. I give thanks for the lives of my friends, my loved ones, all those who have touched and enriched my life and have, by their kindnesses, allowed me a glimpse of You. I thank You for the lives you preserved this year Lord, those that I know and love, and all those I don’t. Thank you for Mike’s recovery, for Peter, for Julie, for Ignatius, for John. Thank you for all those who enjoy a life we can’t even imagine now – for Jim, for Pat, for Aunt Ellie, for Frank. Thank you the new lives we celebrated this year – for Albert, for Annelise Joy, for Elizabeth Rose.
Thank you for gracing us every single day. All is gift Lord. All is You.

The following days of this Novena can be found on Tracey Rockwell's Blog, My Catholic View.


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