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Professor Janet E. Smith's "Contraception: Why Not? -Revised and Updated- " now on DVD!
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Written by Tedd Caldwell   
Thursday, 06 November 2008 12:00

For the first time Professor Janet E. Smith's world renowned talk, "Contraception: Why Not? Revised and Updated," is available on DVD.  In addition to Professor Smith's dynamic presence viewers see the presentation and statistics that are so much a part of Professor Smith's important talk.

Contraception: Why Not? Revised and Updated DVD

Contraception Why Not

Our culture believes that contraception is one of the greatest inventions of the late twentieth century. Promoters of contraception argue that it will decrease unwed pregnancy and abortion and improve marriages. The evidence is overwhelming, however, that since contraception has become widely used, unwed pregnancy, abortion, and divorce have greatly increased. In this new and revised edition of her famous presentation, Prof. Smith argues that contraception has actually had a negative influence on our understanding of the meaning and purpose of sexuality and has led us to view babies as an unwelcome consequence of sexual intercourse, rather than a gift.

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